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JDM Tuner Racing Download For Pc [addons] kayher




and also kaffeine [addons] work with myth tv? Aha, I did not know that. jdolan may know... is that just any cable or only a Comcast TV cable? heh. not really. im with comcast too. their cablecard works fine, and i have a tuner tuner racing card. just it wont work. i tried the driver they sent me, and it wouldnt work. so i was just wondering if it was possible to use the drivers from the tuner (which uses ffmpeg/xine stuff) to see if they would work it seems like a very possible work-around i just checked and their tuner card appears to work with mythtv, and they have drivers to use so hopefully mythtv will actually use those and not these builtin ffmpeg stuff, but it might work anyway, so i'll try it out akamike: OK, so I do have a ATI tv Wonder at home, and a tuner tuner racing... could you try the Xine based AVI demuxer and see if that works better than the builtin stuff? I also seem to remember that the tuner tuner racing is more recent than the ATI tv Wonder... yes, i'll do that. i'll go for it hmm, looks like my tuner isnt supported by xine but it should be, as mythtv doesn't use xine anyway i'll try ffmpeg, maybe that one works brb akamike: I am pretty sure that tuner tuner racing uses ffmpeg. The Xine based demuxer supports tuners from all manufacturers, as does ffmpeg. But it would be interesting to know what tuner tuner racing uses... i'm running a pvr-500 tuner. it's a dual-converter card, i think that's what you're referring to Is it a cable card or do you use a regular card?



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JDM Tuner Racing Download For Pc [addons] kayher

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